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Incredible small 0.96Mb!!!

Protect your data.
Backup all your files automatically or scheduled.
  Time Machine(Done)
Keeps up to 10 previous versions of each file.
Restore files (Done)
When disaster strikes, click & simply restore from FTP,HD,USB, LAN, etc.
  Scheduled backups.
Target daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
FTP backup(Done)
Backup files to a remote FTP
  Incremental Backup.
Only new and changed files are copied.
Syncronize 2 Folders (live).
Keep your files 100% in sync from each other.(Done)
  Detailed Logfiles.
Trouble shoot and investigate action performed.
ZIP backup small.
Compress backups to ZIP small files.
  Automatic live update.
Update atomatically your system.

256bit encription. (Done)
encript with military grade encription.


Filer files  (Done)
Include/exclude files from backups.